Introduction: Share Your Wifi Password Automatically Using QR Codes

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In this Instructable, we will learn how to create a QR code that connects your guests to the Wifi with no efforts. The Internet is a necessity. As soon as we go to a place the first thing we need is Wifi access. Whether it is hosting a friendly get together or a business meeting, sharing your Wifi password is an inevitable occurrence. QR codes can help you do this automatically.

QR codes are two-dimensional figures that can be programmed to share specific information. To scan a QR code through android smartphones you might need a QR code scanner app. iPhone users can directly scan QR codes from the stock camera app.

To set up a Wifi QR code you have to download a QR code generator app that can create a QR code that connects to your Wifi. Once set up, guests can directly connect to the internet with just a scan. This would save the repetitive act of spelling your wifi password letter by letter, symbols to spaces for every guest.


  • InstaWifi Mobile App
  • A4 size paper
  • Scissors
  • Smartphone app that scans QR codes
  • Glue stick of your choice

Step 1: Identify Your SSID and Network Encryption Type

For a QR code to connect directly to your Wifi it has to know what is your Wifi's SSID and the network encryption type. This helps QR code to direct smartphones to your Wifi from other connections.

To identify the SSID of your Wifi, go to the Wifi settings page and click on your Wifi. The name of your Wifi displayed on top of the page is your SSID. Be careful while noting this, SSIDs are case sensitive.

Network encryption is the kind of security your internet connection has. The most commonly used security is WPA2, WPA, and WEP. Identify which level of encryption is your Wifi at.

Step 2: Install and Download Instawifi

Open the Appstore or Google Play app and search for the term 'InstaWifi'.

From the results select the app with yellow wifi symbol on a grey background. Download and install this app.

This app does not require an account to create Wifi QR codes.

Step 3: Create, Share and Save Your Wifi QR Code

Enter the SSID, network encryption type, and the password of your wifi.

The app will create a QR code as soon as you enter these details.

Once the app shows a 'QR code updated' notification save the QR code.

You can save the QR code to your Google drive or share it with your colleagues/friends using a social media platform or emails.

Step 4: Using the Wifi QR Code

Print the Wifi QR code in its original size. For convenience, print multiple copies of your Wifi QR code cut them and stick them at accessible places in your house or your workspace.

To use this Wifi QR code guests only have to scan the QR code. Scanning the QR code will show a message 'Join "Wifi" network'. To join this network your guests just have to click on the notification. Now all your guests can connect to your Wifi without asking for anything.

There are many ways to use QR codes. From designing scavenger hunts to promoting your website. If you wish to create a QR code for yourself search for a free QR code generator online. You will easily find one that suits your needs in no time.