Introduction: Share the Love

With all the LED work we have done in advanced computational class it simply reminds me of a JUMBOTRON. The LED's in my Sparkfun kit have been my favorite. I am drawn toward flashy lights and sparkly things of any sort. Our house has two big neon bar lights, is very bright with light inside and out during Christmas, glows in a creepy way on Halloween night, I absolutely love a good concert with a great light show, and we actually own a mirror ball! So you see, it only makes sense for me to explore my own small LED light show. I decided I would create an LED heart shape on the breadboard. I saw this last year at a TWINS game with a cute couple inside the heart …… “Will you marry me?” It made my heart warm while I was eating my peanuts! So, share some love with a significant other by connecting 12 LED's at once. In this basic building with Sparkfun, you should see the LED’s chase in the shape of a heart. I wish I have all red LED's. Perhaps in the future.

Step 1: Video Demonstration of Share the Love

Step 2: Materials Needed

You will need the following parts from your Sparkfun kit:

1 Breadboard

1 RedBoard or Arduino Uno

12 LEDs (preferably red)

10 330Ω Resistors

13 Jumper Wires

10 tiny fingers

1 cheater glasses

Step 3: Build Share the Love

Here is a three shot pictorial of the build. I prefer the diagram I created on Tinkercad. The wiring is somewhat messy and criss-crossed. I would always take input on how to streamline it to make it more user-friendly for those that may want to build.

Step 4: Arduino Sketch for Share the Love

Here is the code which runs Share the Love. It uses for() loops for running a piece of code several times and arrays[ ] used to make managing variables easier by grouping them together.