Sharing Your LinkedIn Profile Link Wirelessly




Introduction: Sharing Your LinkedIn Profile Link Wirelessly

Having an interesting conversation with the person next to you at an event. They are interested to add you on the LinkedIn and stay in touch. They pass their phone to you and want you to write down your name in to the LinkedIn search box. What if you had some magical powers like making your LinkedIn profile link appear on the nearby people's smartphones? It is completely possible!

Step 1: Having an Eddystone™ Supported Beacon

You will need an Eddystone supported beacon from Estimote, or any other beacon hardware vendor. They are pretty small! Look how one of them looks like in my bag.

Step 2: Configuring the Beacon

We will need to configure the beacon in order to make it broadcast our LinkedIn profile link. It's really easy, don't worry! As Eddystone-URL only supports URLs shorter than 17 characters we will need a URL shortener service. I used Pushmote URL, which is for this kind of implementations and makes everything easier. It's different than using a URL shortener service. It allows you to change the destination URL later from the cloud. So, whenever you want to change the URL or the title, you will just change it on the cloud easily.

Note: You can use or any other service too, feel free.

Step 3: Show Time!

That's all! Now nearby Chrome users will be able to see your LinkedIn profile link when they swipe down the notification center! Isn't it great? ?

PS: On Pushmote URL, you can also see how many people saw and clicked your link.

Please let me know your questions, feedbacks or ideas.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I think there is a problem with Emoji's :) There was a smiling Emoji not a question mark :)


    6 years ago

    Very interesting but could you explain a little bit more on how the chrome browser received the url ? (Wifi ou bluetooth) and how chrom send it to the notifications tray of the phone?


    Reply 1 year ago

    AFAIK it is a push message with the link (char limit, sadly), so you tap the link and the phone does the rest.

    Some 2 years ago I had this genius idea of setting up similar beacons in my employer`s brick & mortar outlets to help convert customer to the online, had RasPi or NodeMCU on my mind, have a look at I would love to see a location beacon as in geofenced marketing. Sadly, then I bumped into the char limit (which can actually be longer than the author says, but still very limited) and the big brass was kinda lukewarm, so I scrapped it.