Introduction: Sharkbite Surfboard

In this Instructable, I'll show you how I made my 16" sharkbite surfboard.  I made it at TechShop ( 

Step 1: Tools and Materials

TOOLS: Table saw, band saw, belt sander, orbital sander, spray paint, tape, scalpel or utility knife, fine point marker, pencil.   To make the surfboard, I used a 1/4" piece of wood that is big enough to cut out a 16 inches long by 4 inches wide surfboard. I made it at TechShop (

Step 2: Draw Outline of Surfboard

Using a pencil draw the outline of a surfboard.  On my sample, I drew a surfboard outline 16 inches in length and 4 inches width.  Initially I had trouble drawing a good surfboard shape so I did an internet search for surfboard images. I found an image of the board shape I wanted so I blew it up, printed it out and cut it so I could use the image as a template.   The outline is tapered to a point at the front of the board and rounded almost to a flat towards the rear of the board.   I used a board of 1/4" thickness so I could get the desired scale with the 16" long board.

Step 3: Cutout Board

Adjust the bandsaw to the proper working height and cut out the surfboard following the template outline.  It is okay if the cut is not entirely smooth.  We will shape the board next. 

Step 4: Shape Board and Clean Edges

Using a belt sander, work the edges of the board to smooth out any roughness from the bandsaw cut and give a good rounded bevel all the way around the board.  Shape the top and bottom sides of the board using the sander to give the board it's taper and point. 

Step 5: Sand Surface

With 220 grit sand paper on orbital sander, smooth out the top and bottom face of the board, preparing it to be painted. 

Step 6: Paint Basecoat

Using a can of white spray paint primer, evenly spray on a coat and let the board dry.  Once dry, flip the board over and spray paint the other side.   Examine the coverage once both faces have dried.  If the paint coverage is spotty, apply another coat of base.

Step 7: Surfboard Stripes

Draw the outline for the surfboard stripes and mask off the stripes using tape.  Spray the board with the top coat color.  Make sure coverage is good and then pull off the tape to reveal the white stripe beneath.  If the paint is allowed to dry before removing the tape, then there may be undesired paint peeling or chipping.

Step 8: Make Sharkbite

Using a pencil, draw an outline of where the sharkbite will be cut out off the board.   I used a roll of tape as a template for the basic shape and then handworked the line until I got the bite mark I wanted.  Then cutout the shark bite using the bandsaw. 

Step 9: Decorating the Sharkbite

Using a coping saw, add imperfections to the sharkbite to make it look like a break instead of a cut-out.   Use the coping a saw to cut out small wedges in the bite cut out one side at a time.  Vary the size, shape and length of the coping saw marks so the bite looks splintered and not symmetric

Step 10: Draw Shark

Using a very fine point market, draw and color in THE SHARK!   I used PIGMA MICRON 005 archival ink marker with 0.20mm line width so I could get a nicely resolved picture.

Step 11: Finished!

Spray the surfboard with a final coat of urethane for protection. DONE!  Now you can show off your close encounter with the SHARK!