Introduction: Sharknado Costume

Make this awesome Sharknado costume with only a few items!

(Note: won First Place in the Anoka Gray Ghost 5K Run -- the Halloween Capital of the World!!!)

Step 1: You Will Need:

2 bolts of tulle fabric, one black, one gray (more is even better)

3/4 inch PVC pipe and connectors, cut to:

8 pieces of 9 inches

4 pieces of 20 inches

4 pieces of 23 inches (allowing one inch extra, if needed)

8 PVC 45 degree connectors

5 PVC "T" connectors

1 PVC standard connector



Hot Glue Gun

Oh, and:

A BOX O' SHARKS! (from a Dollar store or online)



Cable Ties

PVC pipe cement

PVC pipe cutter (makes things easier than a saw!)

Pipe stain/paint (blue or black)

Step 2: Attach in Order:

1 9-inch piece

1 45-degree connector

1 20-inch piece

1 45 degree connector

1 9-inch piece

1 T connector with the T part pointing to the center.

Make four of these.

Connect the open ends of the T connectors to make a perimeter.

Step 3:

Attach two 22-inch pieces to the ends of the remaining T connector.

Attach two 22-inch pieces to the standard connector.

Insert the two crossbeams into the open T ends of the perimeter, making sure the open T of the crossbeam is perpendicular and on the outside of the crossbeam.

Step 4: Finish Frame.

Insert the five-foot support pole into the open T connector.

Turn it over and check connections. At this point, if all fits well, cement each joint EXCEPT for the main mast (to make for easier disassembly. You may want to measure your transport vehicle first to see if the frame will fit flat! If not, Duct tape will work to hold the connections together if it needs to be reassembled.

Step 5: Staple the Sheets Together at the Top Corners.

Take alternating lengths of black and gray tulle (8-10 feet each) and sandwich them together (like a lasagna). Use two black and two gray per "sheet". Staple at the top corners. Don't be too neat! The scrunchier it is, the better.

Step 6: Hot Glue Sharks to Outside Gray Layer.

Be sure to have the tulle separated from the surface you are working on. You don't want to just glue the shark to the workbench! Have some cold water handy as you will no doubt burn yourself at some point here...

Step 7: Attach Sheets Evenly Around the Perimeter.

Make sure the open part of the T is pointing "down" -- this is where the mast will go.

Four sheets will work, but it's better with six. Use three layered sheets
and staple on one half of the frame, then do the other half. It won't be necessary to staple the longitudinal seams but that is optional. (You will need a way to get in and out!)

Step 8: When Glue Is Dry, Lift and Spin!

An umbrella added to the top makes it harder to see that anyone is inside. It can be taped to the mast from the top. Sharknado looks best when spun slowly and in a slight breeze!

Step 9: NOTES:

I suggest another length of 5-foot 1 1/4 inch pipe for extra support for the main mast.

Be prepared for cries of "SHARKNADO! AWESOME!!!"

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