Introduction: Sharp Tip Darts

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These darts are made specifically for and only for 1) target practice (no live targets)
2) calibrating scopes laser pointer aim etc.

Step 1: What You Will Need

(Per 1 dart)
1) 1 nerf elite dart (see pic)
2) thumbtack
3) dart board (store bought or you can easily print a paper one off the internet both work fine) or a target


What I mean is take off the little rubber dart "head" (see pic)

Step 3: Insert Tip

Insert the thumbtack (reference pic)

Step 4: Use the Target and See How Well You Do the Darts Should Stay

View title lol

Step 5: Follow Zman1204

This step is only optional but plz do it as it will enhance the performance of the darts(not really if anyone can't figure that out themselves)