Introduction: Sharpie Jessica Jones

For this instructable, I chose to draw the Season 1 promo poster of Jessica Jones. It is one of my favorite TV shows, and I wanted to see how the dark color scheme changed my usual drawing style.


For this project you will need

  • A laptop
  • A photoshopping software or website. (I used pixlr)
  • Paper
  • Sharpie, three sizes are recommended to speed up the coloring process (Ultrafine point, fine point, and chisel tip).
  • A sharpened pencil
  • A digital photo of what you want to draw.

Step 1: Editing the Photo

Choose a subject which you want to draw. Find several photos of your subject off of the internet, and save it to your computer. Next, open up either a photoshopping software or a photoshopping website. My website of choice is Pixlr. The first thing you should do is to see the image to black and white. Then you should turn the sharpness of the image down while turning the clarity up. Turning the clarity up will result in cleaner and more visible lines, while turning the sharpness down softens the photo, so that you do not have to draw smaller details. The blur and the grain should also be turned all the way down to give a clearer image. Resize the image to best fit the paper you want to draw on, and save it to your computer.

Step 2: Draw the Outline of the Photo in Pencil

Open up the saved file from the previous step in the instructions. Bring the image to full screen, and make any adjustments needed. I typically start by drawing the main outlines. For this, I started by drawing the shape of Jessica Jones's face, and Kilgraves' face. From there, I drew the outlines of their bodies, and any big parts ot the buildings behind them. After I finished with the main outline I went back and added the features to their face, such as their eyes, noses and mouth. Then I went on to the smaller details, such as the zipper on Jessica's jacket, and the windows, and lines on the building behind them.

Step 3: Tracing in Sharpie.

After finishing the outline in pencil, you should take the fine chisel tipped sharpie and trace over the outline. For this part, you should remember that sharpies have a tendency to bleed on paper, so you should trace the lines slightly further from the actual drawing to maintain the integrity of the outline.

Step 4: Coloring the Drawing

From there you should gather the colors you wish to draw in. For this, I was torn between using the shows signature color purple, and the color black. I decided to go with a black sharpie, as I had three different sizes. I recommend starting with the ultra fine-tipped sharpie; this would be used for the smaller details, such as dots, facial features, and tinier details. Next, I move onto the fine-tipped sharpie, I use this sharpie to trace around medium-sized detailing, such as Jessica's hair as well as Kilgrave's. I only trace around the medium-sized detailing, so that when using the chisel tipped sharpie you do not have to worry about accidentally coloring over important details. Finish up your drawing and allow it to dry.

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