Introduction: Shaving Cream Marble Art Notebook

This is one of my favorite projects to do! It's super simple and makes a great gift for anybody. I especially love how customizable it can be. You can make your notebooks different colors, shapes, sizes, and with different designs! Not to mention it's super quick and easy! So what are you waiting for? Follow this instructable to make your very own marbled notebook!


  • Shaving cream
  • Acrylic paint, colors of your choice
  • Ruler
  • Large pan or container
  • Knife
  • 2 Pieces of white paper
  • Scissors
  • Lined paper
  • Stapler
  • Tape (optional)

Step 1: Spray Shaving Cream

Set your large pan on a flat surface. Make sure it is large enough to fit your white paper.

Spray your shaving cream into the pan. Use your knife to spread the cream into an even layer about 1 inch thick.

Step 2: Add the Paint

Squirt your paints on top of the shaving cream. For the best marble effect, try to vary the colors and their positions.

Step 3: Marble the Paint

Use your knife to gently stir the shaving cream. This should create a marbling effect, mixing the colors without combining. Be careful not to mix too long or vigorously as the paints will combine and turn brown.

Step 4: Dip the Paper

Place the paper flat on top of the shaving cream. Use your hands to press it into the cream until the entire front face is covered. You should be able to see the faint pattern through the paper.

Optional: Try placing a fun design in Scotch tape on top of the paper before dipping. This will create an area the paint doesn't touch leaving you with a crisp white design. I did a heart and an X as seen in the 4th and 5th pictures above.

Step 5: Scrape Off Excess Shaving Cream

Grasp one corner of your paper. Gently peel the paper off the shaving cream, then place it paint side up on the table.

Step 6: Let Dry

Set your papers out to dry for 45 min or until the paint is no longer wet.

Optional: If you used tape on your papers, peel it off once the paint has dried.

Step 7: Assemble the Notebook

Using scissors or a paper cutter, trim your marbled papers to your desired size. Take the amount of lined paper you wish to include in your notebook and trim to slightly smaller than your marbled papers.

Place your first marbled sheet paint-side down. This will be the back of your notebook. Place your lined paper on top of the first sheet. Place your second sheet of marbled paper on top of the lined paper. Make sure you have it aligned the way you want. Staple all the sheets together: You can staple the top or left side of your notebook depending on which way you would like it to open.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Now you can have fun with your colorful marble art notebook. You can customize your notebook by writing or drawing on the cover, using the tape method described earlier, cutting it into a fun shape, and so much more! Happy writing!

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