Introduction: Shaving Cream Marble Paper

This craft is perfect for decorating stationary or envelopes! It's super simple and great for anyone!!! Estimated time is around 10 minutes plus drying.

Step 1: Gather Materials

foam shaving cream
food coloring
plastic knife
container (big enough to fit desired paper size)
paper or envelope

Step 2: Filling the Container

Spray the shaving cream into your container to create about an inch layer. Use a spoon to smooth the top of the shaving cream. This step insures that the shaving cream will hit the paper in all areas.

Step 3: Spread Color!

For this project you can use any color food coloring you would like and it will all show up on the paper. Use either a toothpick to put the food coloring on top of the shaving cream (gel food coloring) or squeeze the food coloring on the shaving cream in drops (liquid food coloring). Use the toothpicks to spread the food coloring around the top of the shaving cream in any design you desire.

Step 4: Transfer to the Paper

Put your piece of paper into the shaving cream with the side you want to show facing down. Push the paper into the shaving cream firm so the bottom is touching the shaving cream in all spots, but do not submerge the top of the paper into it.

Step 5: Take the Paper Out

Simply lift the paper out of the container. You will need to scrape all shaving cream off with a ruler (to control the mess, scrape it back into the container). You should now be able to see your beautiful design on the paper!

Step 6: Let It Dry

Let the design dry for 30 minutes before using. Have fun!