Introduction: Shaving Your Feet: a Guide.

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So the hairs on my feet are getting caught in shoes and socks, it's mighty painful, I need a solution, I also got a new razor for christmas meaning I had one spare.

This is not an aesthetic problem, it's a practical issue however it comes with two benefits:

- Socks take on a new level of comfort with no hairs being stuck in them
- I don't resemble a hobbit in any way now.


There was no horrible comeuppance from shaving my feet, though I did get a complaint about not touching her legs or feet with mu stubbly toes, I didn't do this again, yet because umm I haven't bothered myself, though a word of warning, the hairs definitely grow back longer and there seemed to be more of them...

Step 1: Prep Time.

Have a shower or a bath beforehand, the hair on toes is very wiry and needs to be softened before shaving it off. Don't use the same razor, your face will invariably take on a foot based odour.

In the photos you can see that I ended up covered in foam - partly because it was a tricky task when taking a photo. However lots of lather is the way to go, my feet have no redness etc. from shaving them.

Step 2: The Spine of Your Foot

Take the razor in hand - not as awkwardly as shown and gently run it down the flatter side of your foot first, don't put pressure on it, especially near veins, you nick one and it'll bleed for ages.

Once you've got that using the same motion gently run it down the more curved side of the top of your foot. Now that you can see shave the remaining hair off with gentle pressure.

Step 3: Toes.

Start with your big toe, it's the easiest.

In a similar motion keep the razor flat and run over the top of your big toe, then tidy edges up gently after. This shouldn't be too much of an ordeal. Don't bother shaving against the grain to remove that last bit of stubble, it'll be uncomfortable and cause the hairs to grow in more erratic directions next time round, plus you could force them to become ingrown.

Next try your hand at the little toe, it's not too fiddly as your foot sort of smooths in to it, same process except it usually takes the one swoop only.

The rest of the toes are fairly simple aswell.

While shaving your toes, lift your foot on to something then lean to one side so you can see whats going on easily.

Step 4: Thoughts.

This is definitely a good idea if you know the pain of losing a toe hair.

I did a side by side comparison for a few days before shaving the second foot, it is great for comfort reasons and I haven't had a single problem so far.

The razor I used wasn't all that sharp after its previous life but that may have helped matters somewhat, really sharp could be a liability.

End results below:

Toe was the most problematic area.