Introduction: Sheath Anything With Duct Tape

This Instructable will show you how to make a sheath to protect most any tool with a blade or a sharp edge.

Step 1: Materials Needed

The following materials are needed to sheath your tools.

-Duct Tape
-Marking Utensil (I use Sharpie)
-Knife Or scissors
-Item to be sheathed

Step 2: Designing and Cutting the Sheath

We will start off the sheath making by designing and then cutting out our design for the sheath. I am showing you how to do this for a pruning saw, but the steps are same for most any bladed tool.

-If your have an old sheath like the sheath it came in (Mine is falling apart for the pruning saw) use it as a template, if not, just freehand what would look to be a good sheath.

- Make your design on cardboard using your marking utensil, be sure to make 2 cut outs of the same design.

-When the design has been made, cut out the design using a knife or scissors.

Step 3: Taping the Sheath

To tape the sheath, insert the tool between the 2 slips of cardboard, this acts as a proper spacer - based upon the tools width. Start taping the sheath, using a strip at a time (I think this looks nicer than just wrapping it in tape). Being careful not to tape the end where the tool will insert, tape one of the exposed ends (Picture 2).

Step 4: Insert Tool and Repeat

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