Introduction: Sheet Metal Bamboo Candle Holder

Follow the instructions below to create a unique candle holder with sheet metal and bamboo. These two materials will give this project a modern and natural look.

Step 1: Materials

This type of sheet metal can be found at any hardware store. There are various designs to choose from. The price ranges from $10-$30 depending on the style and metal. The sheet metal has enough material to make 3 large candle holders. I found the bamboo at a local craft store for $10 a bundle, although one stick of bamboo is enough for this project.

In addition you will need:

- Hot glue gun/ Hot glue sticks

- Dremel

- Metal Snips

Step 2: Snip

First, measure the candle that you wish to build this holder for. Building a large candle holder will allow you to put almost any size candle inside. Once you determine the size, cut 4 pieces of sheet metal using metal snips. Leave the edge of the sheet metal with the border along it. This will be the top exposed edge.

Step 3: Prepare Bamboo

Cut 4 pieces of bamboo to the desired length. Using a dremel, cut 2 slots into the bamboo sticks 90 degrees apart. Try to make the slots as straight as possible. Do NOT cut all the way to the edge. Cut the slots just long enough to house the sheet metal pieces.

Step 4: Attach Metal

Slip the metal sheets into the bamboo slots. I had a hard time securing these. One method is to put a bead of glue on the slot, then push the sheet metal in. This motion will draw the glue in with the sheet metal. Another method is to pour the glue in either open end of the bamboo stick.

Step 5: Assemble

Assemble all of the parts. Next, cut 4 small pieces of bamboo and cut a slot running all the way through this time. These 4 pieces will be used to hide the sharp bottom edge of the candle holder. Attach these to the bottom edge using the gluing methods mentioned in the previous step. Then, liberally apply hot glue to the inside corners of the candle holder where all the bamboo pieces meet until the assembly is rigid. Finally, place a candle inside and light it.