Introduction: Shelby Painting

The dimension: Width 30 x Length 60 x Height 3 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will paint Shelby Mustang on the plywood by using acrylic paint. It’s fun to do and relaxing. Let’s start.

Supplies that you need to do Shelby painting’s project.

1. Plywood 4 mm. thickness, any hard wood for the picture frame.

2. Arcylic paint, black spray paint, white chalk powder, black lead powder, and black and white pencils.

3. Cotton bud, masking tape.

Step 1: Cut Plywood and Drawing the Shelby

Cut the plywood to size 30 x 60 centimeters and also cut the wood frame. I use the router to make the grove to fit the plywood in place and cut 45 degree angle on each piece. Then I apply the lacquer on the frame for the primer, next I paint it black maybe 2-3 times, Make sure the paint covered all places.

Next I clean the plywood, next I draw the white grid line on the plywood and on the paper as well. The number of the square on the paper and plywood should be the same. The proportion of the grid line on the plywood should be bigger than on the paper. Now I draw the outline of the car first then add the details of the car. After everything is done. I start painting the lighter parts, the highlight of the car. While the paint dry, then I paint other place by using different colors. Note that plywood will absorb the paint fast and the white grid line and drawing will be erased by the acrylic paint and the paint that I use are from the tube, so I don’t need to mix, unless for lighter or darker color. Next I paint the back ground white or you can paint it any colors.

Step 2: Paint the Details and Background

After the car covered with the paint, if the picture don’t look as perspective, now is the time to adjust the lines and redo the painting. Each time I paint some part of the car, I need to look back at the picture so that I will not miss the color or details. For the light and shadow of the car, the reflection needs to be lighter then the main color. Then I paint it over and over by using acrylic color until the paint looks right. Now I use the white powder apply on the cotton bud or brush to highlight the reflection and use the black powder for the shadow.

Now I use masking tape on inside the car and get ready to paint the background. I mix the colors then use the bigger paint brush to paint the lines on the top and bottom of the car. Then attach the Shelby picture inside the frame. The Shelby paint can be hung in any rooms. It will make the room look better.

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