Introduction: Shelf Arranger

To clean the house we throw the waste material outside may be it can create pollution

but can we think of recycling this waste material to convert it into usable item by investing

a little pocket. Here i have tried to do something like that created a shelf arranger for my cloth

by utilizing water cardboard cover of shoes and my old kurti material

Step 1: Waste Cardbox

Step 2: Scissor

Step 3: Fevicol

Step 4: Waste Cloth Material

Step 5: Base of Shelf Arranger

  1. cover the box by cloth with help of fevical
  2. here i have use two type of waste material

Step 6: Cutting of Horizontal Partition

1.took the top portion of card box

2.cut it into the size of height x and length y

Step 7: Cutting of Vertical Partition

  1. measure the width y and height x of box

  2. cut the hardpaper in that x by y size

Step 8: How to Ready Partition

  1. cover the both partition by cloth with the help of fevicol
  2. took horizontal partition and mark into the number of vertical partition i.e into 3 equally partition or as per your requirement

3.then make half cut as you can see in image

4. took the vertical partition and make half cut it in the middle

Step 9: Arranging Partition

  1. now fit one by one the vertical partition into the horizontal partition

Step 10: Fitting of Partition in Base Box

  1. now fix the partition into the box

Step 11: Shelf Arranger

  • Now it is ready for use
  • One can decorate it more to use it in show case
  • can arrange many item as per requirement