Introduction: Shell Necklace

Here is a simple procedure to make a nice looking shell necklace. You can find all of the items at home and probably go camping or swim at a lake to find shells or just buy them.


String or Rope (the amount you need is base on the diameter of your neck.

Shells (you can find them at lakes or beaches or buy them from a store.

Scissors (to cut)

Step 1: Gather & Clean Your Shells

Place all of your shells in a bottle and fill it up with water and soap, screw the cap on and shake. Let it in their for an hour and then empty out the water and place and dry your shells on a mat.

Step 2: Grab String & Measure Your Neck

Now grab string (any colour) and put it around your neck loosely, then put your finger on the spot where the end of the string meets the beginning, and slide your finger down more so that you don't choke when you wear it and that you could actually wear it. After that, cut the string where your finger was.

Step 3: Insert Shells

Now, you want to insert your shells, make sure one end of the string is covered so the shells don't slide right through the string. You could poke holes in the shell with a tooth pick, but be CAREFUL! The entire shell may crack if not done correctly. DO NOT USE SHARP EDGED SHELLS! ONCE WORN YOU MIGHT GET CUT!!!

Step 4: Tie a Knot

Tie a knot at the ends of each side, once you done that , find the knot and cut the string at the end of it. Now rinse your necklace and you can wear it!

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