Introduction: Shellfish Fideuà

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This recipe was created in the town of Gandía when two fishermen were preparing a Paella, but they decided to add nooddles as they had run out of rice. It turned out to be so tasty that it became a famous recipe in Spain.

Step 1: Ingredients

For two people:

200g Fideuà noodles

400-500ml Fish Soup

4 Scarlet Shrimps

4 Mussels

200g Monkfish (not in this recipe because I think it's too much food, but the original recipe includes it)

1/2 Onion

2Tbsp Tomato Sauce

1Tbsp Sweet Paprika

1 Clove of Garlic

Saffron or Yellow Coloring


Step 2: Making the Fish Broth

You can buy the fish broth at a supermarket or make it at home. The ingredients are cabbage, leek, carrot, celery, potato, fish head or/and fishbone or/and fish skin.

- First wash the vegetables and different fish parts.

- Add water till it covers all the ingredients, add some salt and cook it for 15-20 minutes if the taste of the fish you chose is strong, and up to 2 hours if its taste is soft.

- As soon as froth appears on the surface, remove it because otherwise it will give the broth a bad taste.

- Keep 400-500ml in the fridge. You can freeze the rest for another recipe.

Step 3: Frying the Mussels and Shrimps

- Fry them in a pan using some olive oil.

- Once the mussels open and the shirmps are a bit toasted, remove them from the pan.

- Remove any antenna or byssus threads from the olive oil.

- If you want to add monkfish, cut it in dices and fry it in this same pan.

Step 4: Making the Fideuà

- In that same used oil, fry at low heat the half oinon along with the garlic clove and a tbsp sweet paprika. I always add some water to make the onion softer.

- Once the onion is cooked (15-20 minutes), add the noodles, tomato sauce and a pinch of saffron. Mix it all and then add the fish broth and bring it to boil.

- While you cook the noodles, remove the head and legs from the shrimp and one of the shells of the mussel.

- When the fish broth has reduced to half its volume, put the shrimps and mussels on top of the noodles so that they could release their juices.

- When you see there is no fish broth on the surface, turn the fire off and let it settle for 3 minutes.

Step 5: Presentation Suggestion

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