Introduction: Shepards Staff/hook Prop

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This is a very easy and cheap prop for a costume. This consists of a bamboo rod from the dollarstore but a peice of thick dowel will work well too, hot glue which is optional, tape, paper and paint. That's it and thus project on your costed me 1:25 since I had everything but the bamboo.

Step 1: Cutting the Bamboo

So this project is one of the easiest ones I've ever made. The first step is cutting the bamboo which is as simple as putting some masking tape on it and cutting it with a hand saw. I cut mine into one long peice which was a bit smaller than my wanted height and 6 smaller peices which will later turn into the hook part.

Step 2: Gluing

This is the only time you'll ever need to glue anything and honestly if you don't have hot glue don't worry, this step is only to make the next part easier. All I did was glue the very edges together with hot glue, making sure that there was a space between each section and that's it

Step 3: Fixing the Cracks

next I jammed some newspaper in the cracks the taped it together. Now when I say jammed I mean jammed, I crumpled up the paper and shoved in in to the point I was afraid it would burst, this is to keep the shape if it gets bumped. Then you tape it with some masking tape or painters tape and you red for the next step

Step 4: Putting It Together

Next I glued the two peices together with some hot glue and now it should be sturdy. If yours isn't holding together I would suggests more tape. Anyway next you need to cover the tape with some liquid glue just to help seal it all down and waterproof it.

Step 5: Paint

Lastly you just want to paint it with some spry paint it and your good to go