Introduction: Shhhh Among Us Easy Mask


In this instructable you can make, so easily the famous red character in the game "Among us".

You only need Print, cut and glue, that's all!!!

I hope you enjoy doing it as much as I do.

Let's start!!


13 A4 sheets of thick paper (I'm using opaline cardboard /180 g)



Something to glue the parts (I'm using a clear glue, but a adhesive tape can work)

A long strip of cardboard, or one short (for your pinky finger) and one long (for your wrist)


A thicker cardboard for make the cut with the cutter.

Step 1: Print

Download the file and print it in the paper (13 sheets). I use a inkjet Epson printer, but if you can print in laser, the colors look better.

Use a thicker paper, or a adhesive paper, and then you can paste it in a thin/malleable paperboard.

Step 2: Cut

Cut the pieces (12pcs /36 parts). Take care of don't mix the parts for each piece, every sheet have the three parts of the one piece. I recomend you to cut a sheet and immediately paste the entire piece

Step 3: Glue the Parts of the Pieces

In the image you can see the guide for glue the parts in the correct order.

How you can see, there are two types of pieces. Ones that have parts of the viewfinder and bottom shades (Front) and others that are only red (back).

In the case of the red pieces, at the bottom there are a arrow that show the place you start to glue the parts of the piece.

Step 4: Cut Part 2

The pieces without tabs have a white dotted line, cut carrefully this lines with a cutter - here we insert the tabs of the others pieces.

Step 5: Glue

After paste all the pieces, glue the pieces together, but pay attention:

First paste the front pieces, in the order. When you finish this part, continue with the back pieces.

How you can see in the images, the pieces fit together, the tabs in the cuts.

Finish sticking the dodecagon at the top of the mask.

Step 6: Put a Ring on It ( to the Mold of the Hand)

In order to ensure the shape of the hand to our hand, we will measure a strip of cardboard to the measurement of the wrist and another for the little finger. Paste to the mold of the hand, I use scotch tap.

Make sure you can put in and out of hand.

Step 7: Hole for the Eyes

Now put it on the mask and measure how high your eyes are. Make a small cut as shown in the picture.

Step 8: Enjoy!!

That's all!!

Now you have the mask of the game of the year. Super easy to do, and so funny for use while we are working-studing in house.

Thanks for reading!!!

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