Introduction: Shifter Cable Cheap Fix. (Specifically for Toyota AW11 MR2)

This is how I fixed my shift cable when my links came loose. What happened was I shifted HARD out of 1st gear, and into 2nd gear. This caused my link to tear. After that happened, I couldn't sleep, and brainstormed all night about how to fix my cable (since I couldn't my car!). I was thinking of creating a metal bracket, but I have no skills in that area. So I used cable ties! And found the perfect ones at Lowes.

I fixed this with on my car probably back in July? It's now December and everything is working great.

This was specifically done on my 88 Toyota MR2.

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need:
Mounting cable ties (less than 4 bucks at Lowes).
A side cutter (or strong shears) to cut the excess plastic from the cable ties.

Step 2: Before.

Here's first gear and second gear before I fixed it.
And a picture of how it SHOULD look.

Step 3: This Is What You'll End Up Doing.

I'm sure you figured out what I was going to do once I showed the supplies.

You're going to want to put one cable on each side of the bracket, as shown here.

Now install the cable into your car.

Step 4: This Is What You're Going to Be Doing Once the Cable Is in Your Car.

This is basically what you'll be doing once the cable is in your car. (installed and mounted).

Be sure to not do this until after you've installed the cable into your car or this center cable tie will be in the way of your mounting hardware.

Step 5: Done.

Be sure to remember to cut off any excess plastic with your side cutters or shears.

If you can do it more than once, I would recommend it. Here I did it twice, and I couldn't fit any more tightly in there since it was really cramped spot ('88 Toyota MR2)