Introduction: Shin Protectors (Chindogu)

About: I'm a student in high school, and I love to create things when I can gather the money and attention. xD

The Shin: A device used to find furniture in a dark room.
Who's ever heard that quote?
Well, no more! Now presenting, the newest device to protect you, the amazing Tibia Defender! 
This simple device can be constructed in minutes.
Simply take two pillows, and two cloth belts.
Then, strap the pillows to your shins. (Feel free to leave the straps hanging for style.)
Now you're ready to walk around in dark rooms, without worrying about bashing your shins into low tables!

Possible Issues
1) Having to waddle while wearing them
2) Constant tripping and stumbling
3) Readjustment of straps every few minutes
4) Possible constriction of circulation, prompting amputation
5) Looking ridiculous