Shining Spider With Spiderweb

Introduction: Shining Spider With Spiderweb

We will use the conductive thread to make a wonderful props.

Step 1: Materials

- Light emitting diodes

- Scissors

- chalk

- Black clay

- conductive thread

- needle

- Gray / black felt

- CR2032 battery

- Battery holder


- Glue Gun

Step 2: Draw Web

Draw webs with chalk on gray felt.

Eight lines intersect each other, and a line is drawn between each line to form an octagon.

Step 3: Incision

Just cut it carefully like a line.

Especially, you must cut the center part carefully.

Step 4: Attach Conductive Thread

Prepare a conductive thread and a needle to connect the vertical lines of the web.

Step 5: Make a Spider

make a spider with black clay.

Also make eye openings for LEDs.

Step 6: Electronic Circuit!

We will connect to LED in parallel.

The LED is a positive pole on the long side and a negative pole on the short side.

Align the poles together and connect one end to the battery and the other end to touch the floor.

Then connect the conductive thread to the unconnected part of the battery and test it by touching the LED pole.

If the light is on, connect the conductive thread to the web.

Step 7: POWER ON!

Try to put the spider on the web. The light will be turn on!

Step 8: Enjoy With Extensive Use!

my example :)

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