Shirt Folding Prank

Introduction: Shirt Folding Prank

Put safety pins in your friend or sibling's shirt so that they cannot unfold the shirt.

Step 1: Supplies: Safety Pins and a Shirt

2+ Safety Pins

Step 2: Flip the Shirt Over

To begin, flip the shirt over and lay the shirt out with the arms extended.

Step 3: Fold in the Left Side (Arm and Shoulder)

Next, fold in the left sleeve and shoulder. Make sure that the left sleeve does not cross over the right edge of the shirt (or at least not too far over the right edge).

This step is basically how one normally folds a shirt.

Step 4: Fold in the Right Side (Arm and Shoulder)

Fold in the right sleeve and shoulder, making sure that the right sleeve does not cross too far over the left edge. This prevents the sleeve from showing when the shirt is flipped over.

This is basically how one folds a shirt.

Step 5: Insert the First Safety Pin

Insert the safety pin through the two sleeves and the back of the shirt. Then close the safety pin. Make sure that the safety pin does not go through the front layer of the shirt. This prevents the safety pin from being visible when the shirt is flipped over.

Step 6: Fold Up the Bottom of the Shirt

Fold the bottom of the shirt up to the collar on the back of the shirt.

This is basically how one folds a shirt.

Step 7: Insert the Second Safety Pin

Insert the second safety pin through the folded up layer of the shirt and the back of the shirt. The sleevs can be pinned in as well, but I could not get the safety pin through the sleeves as well as the folded up layer and the back.

Step 8: Flip the Shirt Over

Flip the shirt over.

Step 9: Put the Shirt Into Someone's Dresser

When they try to unfold the shirt, they will be surprised!

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