Introduction: Shirt Mask

So with everything going on it’s sometimes hard to get face mask or as I like to call them corona mask. I found a way to make a mask out of an old shirt. I know that we have seen people do this with bandannas but not everyone has a bandanna. So this is perfect.


-1 old shirt
-hair tie

Step 1: Old Shirt

Get an old shirt that you don’t use.

Step 2: Flat

Flatten out the shirt. Line up the shirt so sleeves and the end of shirt match.

Step 3: Stretch

Stretch your shirt out a lot. This will help widen up your shirt so it will fit your face.

Step 4: Re-line

Re-line up your shirt so that it’s straight again.

Step 5: Fold

Fold sleeves in of the shirt.

Step 6: Half

Fold the shirt in half. And make sure it’s lined up.

Step 7: Corner

Fold the shirt side in the middle of the shirt.

Step 8: Face

Put the mask on your face and see how it fits.

Step 9: Fix

Fix the mask so it covers your nose and mouth.

Step 10: Tie

Tie the shirt with a hair tie and your done.