Introduction: Shirt Mini Dress

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Step 1: Get a Shirt

To make a shirt mini dress,
Pick a shirt. Any color shirt! If you would like you can choose a shirt with a pattern. However, if you pattern is on the sleeves, it will not be seen.

Got your shirt?

Step 2: Fit Into the Head Hole

Step into the head hole of your shirt. Trust me, this WILL NOT stretch out your shirt. Pull the shirt up over your waist and stop when it is below your neck. Your arms are NOT in the shirt holes. Look at the pic and you will figure it out if you don't get it.

Got your shirt on?

Step 3: Grab Your Left Shirt Sleeve

Grab your left shirt sleeve by the tip of the arm hole.

Holding it?

Step 4: Fold Your Shirt Sleeve

Put your right hand underneath the shirt hole and press down to make the sleeve flat. While your right hand is pressing down, your left hand folds the shirt sleeve into the head hole. Make Shure the sleeve is flat!

Got your left sleeve folded?

Step 5: What Folded Sleeve Should Look Like

This is what your folded left sleeve should look like.

Does YOUR shirt sleeve look like that?

Step 6: Grab Your Right Sleeve

Repeat step 3 but with your RIGHT shirt sleeve.

Step 7: Fold Right Sleeve

Repeat step 4 but with your RIGHT sleeve.

Now you have your official shirt mini dress!