Introduction: Shirt and Lampshade Out of OLD Leggings

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Take your old (or new) leggings and turn them into a new shirt in less than 2 minutes


Recover an old lampshade for a fun new look!

Step 1: What You Need




Hot glue gun


Above is a full video tutorial. Listed steps to follow.

Step 2: Cut and Recover

Cut the legs off your pair of leggings (or tights).

Keep the large top section and pull it over your lampshade.

Step 3: Fasten

Hot glue the leggings to the inside of your lampshade (top and bottom (if needed)).

Trim the excess material.

That's it!

Step 4: Leggings Into a Shirt

Grab a pair of leggings and fold them in half.

**Looks best with leggings that don't have a seam up the centre.**

Step 5: Cut Head Opening

Cut along the inside seam about 2 or 2/12 inches down each leg from the centre.

Cut out the seam along your new opening.

**Depending on how big or small you want your neckline, adjust the size of your cut**

I would suggest starting smaller as you can always make it bigger.

That's it!