Introduction: Shock Absorption Skateboard Based on Support Welding

This is a skateboard that welds the bracket to death and greatly increases safety

And the shock absorption design is added to the connection part.

Step 1: Build Skateboard

1. Build the skateboard surface and add the anti-skid layer

2. find the wheel in the shape generator and change the style to spin tire

When the suitable size is changed to the suitable size, the bearing is fixed with the sub-optical technology shaft as the suspension shaft.

Then the architecture is complete and double wheels, toning.

3. In the shape generator, the element well frame bracket and the fixed suspension shaft without welding connection are found.

Make bracket gasket and bracket base, use hexagonal as screw

In the basic shape, the cylinder and hexagonal and the element capsule in the shape generator are used to make the bracket, and the bracket is used to connect the bracket base and suspension shaft.

4.find the two-dimensional plate code in the shape generator, narrow it on the board surface, find Z, X, X in text and mathematics, and narrow it on the surface.

The skateboard was finished.

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