Introduction: Shock Proof Any Remote

Drop proof remote, made with household materials.

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1: Resources & Tools Needed

1. Remote
2. Sponge
3. Scissors
4. Tape
(Preferably scotch tape)

Step 2: About

Remotes make operating our devices easy, although we only get one per device. If it were to break, it would be tough operating or getting a replacement.

Moreover some devices only work via the remote, without many options on the device it self.

Hence, securing the remote is of importance & should save you time and money in the long run.

Step 3: ​Instructions

1. Clean the remote and place. Here is a link for cleaning instructions.

2. Cut the sponge into strips

3. Place 2 stripes in the back of the remote, on the bottom and top & apply tape.

4. Place 2 stripes in the front of the remote, on the bottom and top & apply tape.

5. After applying the tape, make sure the tape snaps on the body of the remote.

6. Optional: Add a little strip on the bottom center of the remote and tape it, the top of the remote is usually covered by the rubber buttons.