Introduction: Shoe Lacing System Early Prototype

Tired of your shoes coming unlaced while playing a sport or just simply walking around? Well not anymore, today i will be showing you how to create a 3d printed product that will fix all of that.

Step 1: Auto Desk Inventor

Go to your desktop and open up the program Auto Desk Inventor from there you will want to go to start a new sketch and choose a plane to work on. It does not matter what plain you choose.

Step 2: First Part

There is a total of 4 part that make this invention work. The first part being the easiest. Create a circle that is 0.75 inches wide in diameter. Extrude the circle 0.25 inches. After this you will want to find the fillet tool in the top toolbar and select the top ring of you now cylinder. Make the fillet 0.125 inches.

Step 3: First Part Continued

Now go back to the sketch tool and make a circle on TOP on the now half sphere looking thing. Make the circle as big as the inner ring at the top and extrude it so that it goes through the half sphere creating a hole. Now you will still have this funny cylinder shape going around the bottom. Go to the sketch tool and make a circle as wide as the cylinder. Then extrude it as far as the cylinder so it deletes that excess that we don't want. You should be left with a half sphere with a hole in the middle that looks like this.

Step 4: Second Part

Go to create a new part. Find the sketch tool again and make a circle that is 0.16 inches in diameter. Extrude this circle 0.75 inches and slick OK. now head over to the left tool bar and select the origins folder. You will see a set on planes. Select the YZ plane and click OK. From here make another circle on the longer side of the cylinder. It should be about 0.25 inches from the bottom. Make this ring 0.14 inches in diameter and extrude it. Make you you make it as a cut so it creates a hole through the cylinder.

Step 5: 3rd Part

Go back to create a new sketch. Make a circle 0.75 inches in diameter. The steps feel repetitive but this is the final part. Extrude this circle 0.25 inches and press OK. Right click the top of the circle and create a new sketch. Make a circle 0.18 inches in diameter and extrude it into the circle by 0.125 inches. Now flip it over and Create a new sketch on the other side. Make a square about 0.04 inches by 0.04 inches on the far side of each on opposite sides. It doesn't matter where you put them as long as you don't put it near the circle we made on the other side.

Step 6: Printing

Now that you are done with with go ahead and send it to your 3d printer. After its done printing take it out. Depending on your 3d printer you may have excess plastic to support the print. Go ahead and remove it with your hands or a scraper.

Step 7: Fitting

Assemble the pieces like shown above and make sure it can slide through with some tension so its not slipping off while walking. Now go to the final piece we made with the two holes on the back and find 2 nails that can fit to size. If you can find one you might have to grind it down to size.

Step 8: Finish

Find an old pair of shoes you want to you and nail the device through the shoes. Make sure the sharp end of the nail is facing out. Sand off any part that is sticking out and its attached! Now just feed your shoe lace through it and close the lid and you are all set!!!!