Shoe RaCC

Introduction: Shoe RaCC

During quarantine, cross contamination is very dangerous for our homes, and one of the main objects that potentially will contaminate every inch of our house are shoes. Avoiding touching them and not wearing them to go around inside is a must.

For this project you need a shoe box and masking tape or another type of tape, in addition to scissors, a marker, and a box opener.

Step 1: Written Instructions

The video up there shows an animation of how i built mine, plus how to use it, the next instructions are for a easier follow-along in the making :)

Starting with the box upside down, we cut away the flaps from the lid, we will need a piece of cardboard that fits along the short side of the box, then we fix it in the middle with masking tape.

With the long side of the lid, we cut another piece and fix it on the long side, matching the borders and fixing it with tape.

Next step is to cut two semi-circles to the front of the box, each one on one side of the middle piece that we fixed before. These holes are meant to fit your shoes in there so the idea is to make them as big as posible.

With the remaining pieces, if any, it's recommendable to add a few flaps with holes to make it easier for you to pick up and lowering down the shoes without touching them.

Step 2: How to Use It

The ideal is to have near the entering door for you to use it as soon as you enter your house.

For disinfecting them it is advisible to use an acohol-based product, since it wont stain the fabric of the shoes like bleach would do and its drying time is much shorter, making the Shoe RaCC last longer.

Step 3: Invitation

Hoping you can make it and share your results, feel free to change the design and accommodate it for your needs and amounts of materials you have around.

Stay safe everyone!

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