Shoe Rack

Introduction: Shoe Rack

Well my wife wanted something to get the shoes off the floor and organized but also not bulky. I had looked at doing the 'coat rack' shoe hanger but I wanted 20 hooks so that was going to be expensive so I created this.

Step 1: Material and Tools

1"x3"x8' and 1"x3"x4' pine board (I made two)
2 ea 3/8" round dowel
Wood glue
Stain and poly

Tape measure
Saw (use what ever you have)
3/8" drill bit

Step 2: Layout

I didn't take a lot of pictures so hopefully I can explain it well.

You'll need to measure how long the wall is that you will hang the rack and cut the pine board to match. Then you need to layout where the holes will be drilled. I started the first hole 2" from the end and then spaced the rest 4" on center. I have size 9 shoes and my wife has size 8 and it works perfect alternating her shoe my shoe...If you have larger feet space accordingly. Make sure you end with an even amount of holes.

Step 3: Drilling Holes

You will want the dowels angled at about a 45 degree angle and you'll want them to look consistent, so I made a simple jig out of scrap material. Then I used the jig to drill the holes at the spacing already layed out. Use a clamp to keep it in place and you want the hole to start about 1" from the top.

Step 4: Cutting and Setting Dowels

Use a saw (I used a band saw) to cut the dowels at 4", you should get 12 out of a 48" dowel. Round the edges with sandpaper if you desire.

Now lay the pine board on a flat surface (floor is fine) back side down. Then put wood glue on one end of the dowel with your finger and slide them in the hole. Twist it so the glue will fill in any gaps and wipe any extra away. Let set for a couple hours. Note: do not let the dowels protrude out the back. It will not set flat against the wall when you secure it.

Step 5: Layout for Securing to Wall

I like to secure everything to my wall studs so I measured where my studs are and transferred that to the rack. I predrilled the holes to prevent cracking then countersunk the holes to plug later.

Step 6: Stain/paint

I stained mine to match my furniture but you can do what ever you want.

Step 7: Securing to Wall

Measure the height you want it to hang, make sure the shoes will be completely off the ground when hanging on the rack or your wife will be cussing you when she can't sweep under the shoes. Use a it's level and secure it with screws, I used 2" (overkill I know). And last but not least plug the holes with button plugs.

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    I want one!