Shoe Repair and Totally Makeover




Introduction: Shoe Repair and Totally Makeover

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I don't know how about you but some shoes I just LOVE and those hight heels shoes are one of my favourite shoes ever. When they destroyed I decided they need totally makeover.

Step 1: Shoes Before

Shoes before repair and makeover

Step 2: You Need:

piece of leather


shoe repair glue, after drying it must be elastic

acrylic paint

color dye- a special dye for natural and synthetic leather

Step 3: How to Paint Shoes?

Paint the shoes with color dye


Remember after painting leave the shoes apart for 24 hours or they may just stick to each other

Step 4: How to Copy the Toe Box of the Shoe?

The easiest and the most exact way in my opinion is to copy it on fabric :-)

Step 5: How to Copy the Toe Box From Fabric to the Leather?

Cut the shape of the future toe box from leather

I chose this shape

Step 6: How to Glue the Toe Box to the Shoe?

Put the glue on our chosen shape of the future toe box next put it on shoe and form it

Step 7: How to Fix Toe Boxes of the Shoes in Every Shapes?

Cut the excess with razor blade, scalpel, scissors or knife upholstery

Step 8: How to Change Color of the Toe Box?

To paint toe box use acrylic paint

You can paint heels as well

Step 9: Before and After

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    5 years ago

    Very nice makeover! Love how the colors pop!