Introduction: Shoe Sanitizing System (automated)

An automated sanitizing system for shoes is presented throughout this project. Shoes sanitizer is used to disinfect shoes. Its help us to disinfect our shoes. In present situation (COVID-19 pandemic), this disinfection system is very useful.


  1. Genuino Uno (1 pcs) - 25 USD
  2. IR Sensor (1pcs) - 3 USD
  3. DC Water Pump (1pcs) - 8 USD
  4. Mosfet Switch (1pcs) - 2 USD
  5. Connector cables ($2)
  6. Water pipe (1 meter) - 2 USD
  7. 12 Volt Power supply - 8 USD
  8. Liquid Tank (500 ml) - 3 USD
  9. PVC sheets (3 square feet) - 12 USD


  1. Glue gun
  2. Cutter knife


  1. Arduino IDE

Step 1: Building the Backbone of the System

First we cut the PVC sheets according to the measurements. Then we place the water pipe on it. A small hole is needed for placing the IR sensor. We need to make some small (very small) holes on water pipe for throwing the water. Those small holes works as a spraying nozzle. We need to check weather the spraying nozzles are working or not. For this purpose we connect the water pipe with water pump and throw the water. A water spraying demonstration is shown in the video:

Testing Water flow:

The block diagram of our system is given in this section.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The Circuit diagram is given in the figure. We need to connect all the components with Arduino Uno board.

  • We connect the IR sensor array with Arduino uno according to the circuit diagram, the IR sensors actually sense the presence of shoes. Here we use one IR sensor. The signal port is connected with Arduino's PIN#D2. The VCC and GND is connected with VCC and GND of Arduino.
  • We use a MosFET switch which works as a relay. This Mosfet switch is used for triggering the water pump. The data port of the mosfet switch is connected with Arduino's PIN#D8. The VCC and GND are connected with VCC and GND of Arduino.
  • A external power source is used for powering the water pump, since it requires more power.

The jumper wire or connecting wire are used for connecting all the components. We flush the Arduino Uno by using Arduino IDE. We have attached the source code (*ino file) with this section.

Step 3: System Overview

We placed all the components on a PVC sheet. The hot glue are used from attracting all the components on PVC sheet. We connect the water pipe with the output line of water motor. The input line of the water motor is connected with liquid fluid tank. The liquid fluid tank supplies the disinfection materials (sanitizing fluids). This section shows some photos of the complete system.

The system overview is given this the video.

Step 4: Demo

Demo (complete system)

Step 5: Conclusion

Shoe sanitizing is used to disinfect shoes. This system can be used in various offices, business farms, educational institutions, super-shops, homes etc. Sterilization system (presented in this project) helps us to fight against viruses.