Introduction: Shoebox Foosball Table!

A fun and easy craft for kids 6 to ll years old!

Step 1: Materials

Needed supplies:

Glue (any kind with work)

10 Clothespins

A Shoebox (or a small box 4 ½ inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 13 inches long)

4 wooden Dowels

A Ping Pong Ball

A Sharpie or Pen

A Knife A Ruler

Step 2: Optional Materials


Super glue- glue gun or regular school glue

X-acto knife- box cutter


Tape on the skewers: Buttons, Tac, Clay

Step 3: Start Making It

We decorated the outside of the box. (Sorry we don't have any pictures but you can use colorful duct tape or paper to decorate the box, it's your choice).

Step 4: Make Measurements

We decided on where we wanted the skewers placed and how to arrange the clothespins. We used four skewers, placed 2 inches in from the corner of the box, and 2 ½ inches apart. With 5 inches between the middle two skewers. We did this by first placing them on the top to test the spacing and then measuring out the inches on the side. Then we used the ball to measure how far up to place them. We went with 3 inches from the bottom of the box.

Step 5: Place the Kickers

Skewers were places 1 ½ inches down from the top of the box.

Step 6: Make Sure That the Kickers Can Reach the Ball

Step 7: Make Goal Measurments

After that we outlined where the goals would be. We measured 1 inch in from the corners and 2 ½ up from the bottom.

Step 8: Cutting Out the Goal

After making the marks for the goal cut out the goal.

Step 9: Putting in the Kickers

After marking all of the measurements, we started to cut everything out. We cut the skewer holes first. We marked on the side and then stuck them through and pressed the sharp end into the other side of the box to mark where the opposite holes would be.

Step 10: Put It Together and Add the Kickers

After cutting the holes for the sticks and the goals out, we added the skewers and taped the ends with the colors of the teams and to cover the sharp end. In our optional supplies we included buttons, these can also be used on the end of the skewers.We added the clothespins. Two closest to the goal and three on the inside.

Step 11: Add the Kickers

We added the clothespins. Two closest to the goal and three on the inside.

Step 12: Final Product

Have Fun!