Introduction: A Shoebox Organizer, Yet Another

Chance favors the prepared mind, and the universe is the ultimate free lunch.


Box cutter



Step 1: Order (Sauconys), Salvage a Box

Chance favors the prepared mind, and the universe is the ultimate free lunch.

My last pair of shoes FINALLY gave in after years of wear and tear. I wear Saucony's, not New Balance shoes because those shoes are racist to be honest. Also, in defense of Saucony, they are super stylish, veganish (yea, I said the 'v' word), and comfortable. Yes, of course I was psyched on the shoes, but I was real stoked on the shoe box! Recycling simply wasn't an option, especially since the news broke of my local government/local recycling company dumping recyclables into landfills. I also had a few other boxes I kept around for other possible projects I had in mind, and finally I made my move the day that new, RAD show on Netflix came out, The Spy.

I lost count of how many times I have moved from place to place in my life, and I lost count of how many things I've misplaced in all those moves. When I saw the tesseract transport the lil' monsters in Monster's Inc., I was moved to build my own lo-fi approach to exploit a fourth dimension. Originally I was going to make this with wood but I'm simply not ready for that yet, probably because my garage is almost always SUPER hot.

This shoebox option let me work and watch three episodes of my show so I could carefully finish my new organizer. I don't expect my shoebox organizer to save the planet, especially given the number one polluter in the world is out there raging (see the United States military). I do expect though to save time looking for my things now that it is in one god dog place.

Now when the winter comes, I'll be ready with a model to follow for a larger-scale version to keep my VHS, DVD, and such in yet another dimension.

Step 2: Measure and Cut

You can measure one of two ways, with or without a measuring tape. With a book awl though, you can scrap the measuring tape and just poke around the cardboard to fit.

Step 3: On Cutting

This can be the most tedious part, but with the help of some REALLY strong scissors it is easy. Cut along the grain of the cardboard, in the interest of time since it is a lot easier to cut. Also, cut about an 1/8 inch gap into each cut of the cardboard. If it is too narrow the cardboard won't fit together neatly in the box.

Step 4: Repeat

Of course, get an idea of what pieces you'll be fitting in their. Measure and cut at least two length-wise pieces to conjoin to the width-wise pieces. Eventually, it should all fit neatly in the box!

Step 5: All Done, for Now

From here one could extend with the following modifications:

A) take scraps of magazines and newspapers to glue and decorate the box

2) add wood corners for more stability.

D) Wrap this thing in soda cans so it's somewhat fire proof.

Z) Scale up using larger boxes for items like a VHS player, or boom box.