Introduction: Shome

  • Raspberry pi 3 model B+
  • MircoSD Card (16Gb)
  • oled with i2c Screen
  • Stepper motor (ULN2003)
  • LED's
  • MCP3008
  • buttons
  • wood (12mm MDF)

Step 1: Step 2: Raspberry Pi Setup

First of all you will need the following:

  • Raspbian OS
  • imageRufus (or any other image writer)

Download the Image from raspberrypi website.

Download rufus.

now we are going to write the image to our MicroSD the image and MicroSD card and hit Start. When that is finished put the MicroSD in your Raspberry pi.

    Step 2: Step 3: Connecting to Your Raspberry Pi

    1. Install Putty
    2. make a connection like shown on the picture.
    3. login into your pi:
    • User: Pi
    • Password: raspberry

    4)WIFI setup:

    • sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
    • network={ssid="name of the wireless network" psk="password of the wireless network"
    • ifconfig wlan0

    5) You can now use this ip isntead to connect to your pi via putty

    Step 3: Step 4: Make Your Model

    1. Make a model you want to put your electronics in
    2. like me on the pictures
    3. I used 12mm MDF wood the base of the house is 500mm x 500mm
    4. my roof is 450mmx450mm
    5. the house it self is 400mmx400mm

    Step 4: Connect You Database With Pycharm

    1. Go to View > Tool Windows > Database and click on the green plus to add connection

    2. Choose Data Source > MySQL and Download driver, if it comes up General

    • host = localhost
    • port: 3306
    • user = username of the pi
    • password = password

    Step 5: 6) Add the Code

    1. Clone my code from github.
    2. go to File > settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Deployment
    3. Choose SFTP and make a connection with your pi
    4. upload the code to the pi

    Step 6: 6) Connect Every Component