Introduction: Shooting Range Table

Recently while target shooting at a friend's property on a hot and sunny day, I placed a handful of ammunition and some magazines on a towel on the ground. I fired through one magazine, and when I went to reload, the ammo and mags were already so hot that I could hardly touch them.

That day prompted the creation of this collapsible range table, that keeps your gear nice and neat while keeping the sun off, and also takes apart to easily fit inside a standard NRA freebee range bag. It has two configurations; a low table with a sun shade, and a high table without a shade.

This is a very easy project – let’s get started!

Step 1: Materials/tools


13ft 1/2” PVC pipe ($1.94/10ft stick. Lowes ID# 23966)

4 1/2” PVC couplings ($3.24/10pk Lowes ID# 25523)

2 90-degree 1/2” PVC elbows ($0.28/ea. Lowes ID# 23867)

2 3-way 1/2” PCV fitting ($1.18/ea. Lowes ID# 315498)

2 4-way 1/2” PCV fitting ($1.99/ea. Home Depot ID# 205162233)

1yd White canvas ($22.00/yd, Wal-Mart)

1.5ft paracord/rope/shoelace (Varies)

Total cost: $36


- Scissors

- PCV Pipe cutter (you can use a saw, but this is much easier and more consistent)

- Hand sewing machine*

- Tape measure

- Sharpie to mark cloth

- Lighter to burn paracord ends (optional)

* The hand sewing machine is VERY cheap and easy to use. I am not a sewer by any means – this was the first time I ever used it, and it went without a hitch. If I can do it, you can do it. You can use a stapler if you are absolutely scared stiff by a needle. :)

Step 2: Building the Frame

Cut the PVC into 12 equal 13” pieces using the PVC cutters. I pick 13” because it will fit comfortably in my range bag. You can adjust if you have a larger bag to have a larger table. Just remember to resize the cloth as well.

See the photos for the two configurations without the cloth. Fairly simple.

NOTE: The couplings can be added to the feet at any time to help balance out the table if the ground is not even.

Step 3: Adding the Cloth Cover

Start with a 20”x42” piece of cloth, and make cuts in it according to the photos. Then, use the hand held sewing machine to stitch the four loops. I included dimensions for reference only; I suggest you do what I did, and sew one loop, then stretch it over the frame and mark the cloth with a sharpie for the next loop to ensure a tight fit.

Step 4: Making a Bag for It

1. Using what is left of the cloth, cut out a 17”x19” rectangle.

2. Fold over 3/4" of the short edge and sew it down, making a 1/2" channel.

3. Fold the rectangle in half, with the ½” channel facing out. Sew up the side and bottom, making a bag.

4. Turn inside out, and thread the paracord through the 1/2" channel for a pull string.

5. Tie a stopper knot in each end. I used the Ashley Stopper, excellent for this purpose. Directions can be found here.

Finished! I hope you like your table, and it serves you well!

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