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Introduction: Shop Work Table

About: I am a DYII Tinkerer type. I live for Halloween, zombies, Day of the dead, and costume play. I love restoring furniture, building or anything my immagination can dream up. My angel wing project was to add so…

What Did I make:

I am a DIY guy, and recently when I took on making a Jon Boat Project, I found myself constantly laying my tools here and there. Agravating as we DIY types  know, you can't find that tool you had just a minute ago. I vowed 'No More' and set apart to build a nice 'Workshop Table'  It solved the problem wonderfully. if you see the Large headboad in the picure it required much sanding, painting, chiseling and clamping. The Workshop Table took it in Stride. I was so much more organized.

* Read to the end for the extra tip on 'Extension Cord Bucket'

How Did I get the Idea?

I went to YouTube and searched for work tables. I saw many great but complicated ones for Professionals. As I work out of a Garage and need to take this table down and store it to the side when I need extra room, I wanted something simpler. I was able to build this by myself in under 2 hours, with overnight to let the glue set in. This was very easy to make. Just use Adult supervision and safety as a Saw and Glue is used.

How Did I make it

This is actually easy. 60$ Totalf  Wood, Saw Horses and Glue. I used scrap wood for the  Shelf wood, but if you need to buy it, expect  10-15$   (Compare to 300-500$  for a profession table)  I orginally was going to just make one Shelf, but in the end I thought about where to store all my wood clamps.  I added it on the fly and I am very happy with it. It really makes tool storage nicely.

Time: 1 hour construction, overnight to dry.
Ease : Simple Tools, Glue and weights!

Where Did I Make this Workshop Table:
I built it in my Garage.



I went to Home Depot and bought a 8x4 3/4" Plywood Sheet. They are 48'W x 96"L

1. Have them cut this to 66Lx42W    I did this because I have a two car garage and found this is just wide enough and deep enough for a good lot of my small to medium projects and also I had to get it into my SUV ! This is a good size as it is was wider you can't reach to the back of the table. To Wide and you need more saw horses.

 *  You can cut this as you want, but this is a good work area.

I bought two simple saw horses from Home Depot  to stand them on. Tthese work perfectly. These cost 27$ for a pair. They fold up and stack nicely.


1. I put a simple shelf on the front from scrap lumber   Don't go wider than can fit between the saw horses. 
   * I chose 24X12    The Sides are 5" deep.     You can use any wood.
        5" came from THE FACT you need some room to slide Screw Drivers in from an Angle.

2. On the side, I did a smaller shelf to hold all my Wood Clamps, and various other clamps.
  * I choose 2" wide by 24 long "   This allows my bigger wood clamps to fit over this small shelf


1. A Saw (I used a Circuar Saw, but you can easily use a simple  wood saw)
2. Gorilla Glue
3. Clamps/weights
4. Drill with 3/4" wood bit.


1. Cut the parts as noted above.
2. On the Big shelve, use a 3/4" wood drill bit to drill several holes 2" apart.  (These will hold your screw drivers) across the board.
3. Sand all parts smooth.

Turn your Plywood upside down
Lay your shelve parts as they would be normally.  Mark with a pencil where the sides will be, Mark both sides.

Wet the wood where the wood will rest (in between the lines)  on the plywood and where ever it touches wood.
Apply a medium solid line of glue  in the middle where the sides will be placed.

** Note I put them just about 1" back from the edge, so you don't bump the shelves when you are walking around.

Gorilla glue works with the water to make a chemical bond.It is very strong, and these shelves only hold a small amout of weight.

4. Clamp or put any heavy weights (Books etc) on the shelves to clamp the shelf down tight.  
5. Ensure all parts meet cleanly
6.  After about 10 minutes scrape away any glue that is seeping out.
7. Let sit over night.

The 'Be Careful part' as this is a bit heavy.
*** Two people works best here... If in Doubt, use 2 People ****

Position your Saw Horses so as to not break the smaller shelf.   Lay the plywood on top of the Saw Horses.

As an afterhought I took a Pencil Sharpener and drilled a screw in the wood and attached it with a String.
Why?  One of the things you use most in projects is a Pencil. It is also the most lost thing during my projects it seems. So I always keep a lot of Pencils handy and now my Sharpener is right there!

11. Admire your Work!

This easily can be take apart and stored on the side. But it is also very solid to do all my jobs. I was very happy with it !
                What Did I learn

This is a great question, because from everything you do, you can learn something by mistakes or thoughts during the process.
  *  I would move the smaller shelf on the right side deeper in. When you stand the board up, these shelf can easily break.  Move the shelf in aobut 6" and you can avoid this.

As an Extra Bonus for your Great Work, a free Tip.

Do you have these long 50' foot extension cords that are aways getting tangled no matter how hard you try and roll them up.
My 'Eureka' Moment involves a 'Home Depot'  5 Gallon Bucket and  two '50' foot Extension Cords

1. Take the bucket and cut a 1" Hole in the bottom Side, about 2" up from the bottom.
2. Take your 1st Extension Cord and put the Male End into the bucket and thread it through the hole. Give it enough slack to be able to plug in to your socket you are likely to use without having to much slack.
3. Layer the cord into the bucket.
4. Attach the next 50' cord if you have to the one to the one in in the bucket and continue to layer it in.

I find the 5' Bucket easily holds 100' of Extension cords.

When you are using the cord, let it easily come out of the bucket as you move around.
When you are done, just snake it back into the bucket. No more Tangled Cord

Again, Admire you great Advanced Extension Cord System.

Between these two Items (Workshop Table and Extension Cord Bucket) my tools no longer get misplaces, cords don't get tangled and everything is easy to find.  Big Win !

Enjoy and DIY Away!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    That's the exact same way I did mine!! ...well, except I used an old door instead of a table top. But it works grrrreat anyways.