Introduction: Shopping Cart Outboard Motor Stand

Legally, and I mean legally, obtain an old shopping cart. You will need eight 3 inch deck screws, two heavy duty bolts with nuts with large washers, and a long threaded bolt or rod with nuts and washers. Two "C" clamps, and an appropriate length of at least 2x6 or 2x8. A hand saw, chop saw or some other method of cutting the wood. A power drill. A level and a screwdriver or drill driver.

This will support five (5), YES FIVE small outboards or three (3) outboards up to about 18 HP.

I have not mounted a fifth motor on the handle end as I don't have five (5) motors.

Step 1: Materials and Construction

Remove the swinging back of the cart. You may leave it in place, but removing it will allow you to store a tank or other materials in the cart when you have motor mounted to it.

Cut the short end piece to fit tightly inside the far end of the cart.

Cut the two (2) side pieces the proper length to place the handle end piece snugly under the handle.

Connect the two (2) side pieces to the short end piece with deck screws.

Using two (2) "C" clamps, clamp the side pieces in place so that the handle end piece will fit snugly under the handle.

Measure and cut the handle end piece.

Attach the handle end piece to the two (2) side pieces with deck screws

Locate the horizontal basket web near the bottom of the two (2) side pieces near the handle end so that the bolt will rest on the basket web and support the side pieces.

Drill a hole in each side piece and loosely install the two support bolts.

Place the cart on a level surface and with a level adjust the small end up or down to make the side pieces level.

Place a long bolt or threaded rod through the short end of the cart to support the short end board. Tighten all nuts.

Step 2: Enjoy Your Storage Rack