Introduction: Shoring Up Shoe Soles With Sugru

Everyone wears out their shoes differently. No matter which part of your shoe sole you wear out first, this instructable will allow you to add back material where it is most worn.

Items needed:

  • Shoes with significant wear on the sole, usually at a corner. Clean the surface before starting.
  • One or more packets of sugru.
  • Clean paper plate or paper towel to work on (sugru can transfer to surfaces while setting).

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Eyeball the Shoes

Take a close look at the shoes. Can you see whether you will need a large wedge of material, or a chunk? Estimate the amount of material you want to add back to the sole.

Step 2: Open the Sugru Package, Using Scissors

You may wish to use disposable gloves, though cleanup for this short of a project is usually as easy as washing your hands when done. Open the sugru packet and divide it into two pieces based on your estimates from the last step. One shoe may require more material than the other. I used blue to make this demo easier to see, many people prefer a color that blends into the rest of the sole. The 8 pack of sugru only contains 1 black packet, however, so keep that in mind.

Step 3: Mold the Sugru Into the Desired Shape, and Push It Into Place Against the Shoe Sole

This doesn't have to be exact. Create the general shape, and push it against the shoe sole. You may need to push the combination down against your paper towel or paper plate to get it seated and filled in correctly. Use your fingers to reshape as needed (you have about 30 minutes before the sugru soft-sets).

Step 4: Let the Sugru Fully Set in Place for 24 Hours

Sugru cures over about 24 hours, so let it set without disturbing your project. Wash your hands once you are done.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Newly Shored Up Shoes!