Shot or Not


Introduction: Shot or Not

Shot or not is an interactive drinking game combined with the arduino. We designed a board with sections. Each section has corresponding cards with assignments, games, confessions or so called virusses. Each of these categories have their own cards and color. At the corners of the board you will find 4 shot glasses that will be filled with drinks.

The board contains a red button, placed at the red shot glass. This button can be pressed to activate the arrows movement. The arrow will then rotate until it randomly stops at one of the sections.

What you need for this project:

- 1x Arduino Uno
- 1x Red/Blue/Green or Yellow push button
- A plexiglass box (This could be from any material, but we decided to give it a clean look with white plexiglass)
- An arrow (We 3D printed this part)
- 1x big gear (We made the gear from wood)
- 1x small gear
- 1x cilinder for the arrow to rotate in (we 3D printed this part to perfectly fit the extencion of the arrow)
- Prototyping board PCB
- Breadboard (To prototype with, I soldered everything to make sure nothing came lose)
- 4x shot glasses
- 160x cards (with different categories)
- 1x board design

I will not go into detail in how to make the box, but I used “” to produce an easy laser cut case design. make sure to create holes for the arrow and for the push butten.

Step 1: Schematic

This is how we planned out the wiring for the circuit.

Step 2: Coding

Below you can find the code for the project. For this project we used the Arduino Stepper Library. Make sure to download the library if you want to use the code! :)

Step 3: Final Product

Now all that is left is to build your custom box, board and card design.

Check out the video of the process!

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