Introduction: Shotgun Shell Flag

Step 1: Supplies

You will need these:
-Red, white, and blue shotgun shells
-Some plywood
-Hot glue and hot glue gun
-White paint

Step 2: The Size

You can make the flag as big or as small as you want

Step 3: Hot Glue

Get the hot glue gun ready to use

Step 4: The Stars

If you want stars you can cut the metal off of extra shot gun shells while you are waiting for the hot glue to get hot

Step 5: Painting

When you have as many stars as you want you can paint it white and glue them on the field of blue

Step 6: The Stripes

Lay out the shells how you want the flag to look like then when you are done you can start hot gluing them down to a piece of plywood.( I suggest doing the field of blue first then the stripes from top to bottom)

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