Introduction: Shotgun Shell Necklace

I made a shotgun shell necklace with a used shell. I used an old shotgun shell, a hole puncher and a necklace. My plans did not change throughout the project. I made this because it is to remind me of my first shot ever. Other people can use it for that or another reason. I had no help at all. I made this at home. What I would do differently is drill a hole through the metal part instead of using a hole puncher and hole punch the plastic. The biggest suprise to me was that it was way easier than I thought.

Step 1: Materials

hole puncher,

used shotgun shell (any size),

and a necklace

Step 2: Punch Holes

take the hole puncher and punch 2 holes directly across from each other.

Step 3: Add Necklace

Take the necklace and feed it through the punched holes. Now you have a shotgun shell necklace!

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