Introduction: Shotgun Shell Wreath

Using live shotgun shells in decorations is a bad idea.  Even worse is attaching a lighter filled with butane.  In this instructable we'll do just that to make a festive Christmas wreath.

You will need:

1.  Wire frame wreath, craft stores have these.
2.  Shotgun shells in red and green.  I got these at a man's sports warehouse, they don't like it when you open the boxes to find out the color of the shells, so bring a friend to distract them or just act crazy. (I used more than are pictured, I had to go back for more)
3.  Green wire, or really any color wire, green seemed like a good choice.
4.  Shotgun shaped lighter, again at a man's sports warehouse.
5.  Needle nose pliers.  I also have some tin snips because my needle nose pliers weren't cutting it.
6.  A wreath door hanger.  You could just use some sturdy wire if that works for you instead.
7.  Bow is optional.  My attempts at making a bow were laughable, so I bought one.  It's too big, find a smaller one.

Step 1: Attaching the Lighter

Line up the lighter where you want it placed on the wire frame and cut off a length of wire.  Figuring out how best to position the wire for a secure fit is a bit tricky.

I attached the barrel at a joint which allows for more places to wrap the wire around.  Once you have the barrel where you want it and wired up, twist the wires together to secure.  I use the pliers to get a really tight twist for the last few twists after doing it by hand.

For the stock there was a convenient hole that I ran the wire through.

Step 2: Wire Up the Shells

Cut a long length of wire, I was using about 16" lengths which was a bit longer than I needed, it doesn't need to be exact.

Twist the middle of the wire around where the plastic meets the metal on the shell.  Use the pliers for the last few twists as you want this to be really tight.

Next do the same near the end of the shell.

Now do like 30 more shells.

Finish off the almonds while you're at it.

Step 3: Attach the Shells to the Wreath Frame

The pictures explain better than I can.

Basically place the shell on the frame facing inward.  Wrap the wire around the frame, use the pliers to pull it tight.

Next, twist the left and right loose wires together and point the excess wire to the outside of the wreath.

Position the shells where you like them.

Step 4: Positioning and Securing the Shells

Take the excess lengths of wire and work around the wreath laying them down and twisting them around the excess wire from the next shell.

Cut the remaining wires once everything is secured and twist the wire ends out of the way within the wire mess you've made.

Step 5: Finished Wreath

You're done, unless you want a bow, then either buy or make one and attach with some wire.

Hang it up and enjoy.

Keep away from children and fire.

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