Shoulder Bag Using a Scarf Fabric



Introduction: Shoulder Bag Using a Scarf Fabric

Many a times we have some fabric pieces or unused garments. These could be reused to make a hoem made gift.

Step 1: Introduction

This was a decorative scarf as a part of ethnic wedding suit from India. It remained as unused garment in the cupboard for long time. I therefore decided to use it to make some shoulder bags. The ends of the scarf had fancy hangings so I could make two bags using the two ends and the middle part was used to make the shoulder strap..

Step 2: Method and Materials


Outer layer: A piece of double layered fabric about 6"x 10" size.

Lining : A same size of fabric of matching color

Scissors, needle, matching color thread


Cut the pieces of outer fabric and lining of same size and shape. Stitch the three sides using both fabrics held together. Now stitch the open end from inside so that outer fabric covers the inner lining. Make a strap of 36" long and 1.5" broad and stitch at the two ends of opening of the bag. This bag had an attractive fabric and hangings and did not need any further decoration. However, the fabric is plain it could be painted with fabric colors or with some patch work.

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