Introduction: Shoulder Strap Tripod Holder

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Finished product, only took 5 minutes and works really well!

Step 1: List of Items Needed

So for this instructable you will need a handy tripod, 4 zip ties/cable ties and a bag strap. I took one of a old gym back that worked perfectly. Hopefully by the end it will turn out as a shoulder strap in which it holds the tripod.

Step 2: Attach Cable Ties

I attached one cable tie to the bottom and top of the tripod with another cable tie thread through to make a loop for the strap to connect to. Make sure to add the loop cable tie before you completely tighten. Left plenty of room for the loop so the strap could attach.

Step 3: Same on the Bottom

Did the same step on the bottom of the tripod, was going to attach the zip tie to the tripod led but seems this would cause problems when extending the legs.