Introduction: See the World As Bits


This simple instructable was born just 10 minutes ago when i stumbled upon "DIY assistive technology for computer access"

This was a great instructable reminding me of a program on seeing with your tongue, I saw the other day.

Here is some information about that:

Last night I found a great script visualizing video as ascii made by Andrei Gheorghe (

Then the idea was born - why not combine the information!

But I need your help!

Step 1: See With Your Tongue!

I simply installed the script (on my fine Raspberry Pi) and changed the output to bits (0/1).

You can find the result here: (This is the datavisualization thing...available in the simplest of formats)

You kan download the original script here:

I think you can simply make a smaller frame, and make a mechanical piece to use on your tongue and you would have a device that could make a difference for someone without seeing ability.

Update... I changed the settings in app.js, so that the frame update and size is more convenient for a tongue sensor.
The bits are a bit "nervous", but that can certainly be fixed if it is a problem.

But I don't have the knowledge to make the tongue piece... please link to information/instructables below to help others build the tongue seeing device!

Please vote!

Yours sincerely,

Step 2:

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