Introduction: Showcase : Cardboard House

In this Instructable, I discussing how to decorate our showcase by the cardboard house. cardboard is the cheapest one to decorate our showcase.

Step 1: Required Materials

1) Cardboard

2) Ruler

3) Pencil

4) Knife

5) Glue

6) Paint

7) Paint Brush

8) Tooth Pick Stick

9) Popsicle Stick

10) Mini Switch

11) Wire

12) White LED

13) Battery

14) Mini Screw

Step 2: Making Template

First making the template for our required size. Then cut the cardboard

Step 3: Stick the Wall of the House

With the help of super glue, stick the walls of the house.

Step 4:

Make the roof of the house with the corresponding dimensions of the walls of the house. Then the roof of the house is fixed on the top of the house using the super glue.

Step 5: Painting the House

Paint the house using the poster paint (or) the fabric paint with the help of the painting brush.The color of the paint is optional.

Step 6: Making Windows

Making the windows using the Popsicle stick and the Tooth pick stick. Then color the windows with the optional colors. Then stick the windows on the walls of the house.

Step 7: Making Base of the House

Make the base of the house with the corresponding dimensions. Then colored it and fix the house on the base.

Step 8: Door Handle

Make a small hole on the door. With the help of mini screw make the handle of the door.

Step 9: Wire Connection

Making the wire connection for the light with the mini switch and the battery.

Step 10: Making Video

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