Introduction: Showcase: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Replica in Minecraft

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Knex2thelimit, and even though my username has K'nex in it, I do play Minecraft, and I decided to share this project that I recently finished. In case you're wondering, my Minecraft username is FlyBy11.

Over my spring break, I built a replica of Freddy Faber's Pizza from the horror game Five Nights At Freddy's.

If you're not familiar with the game, it's a horror game that involves you using cameras, lights, and doors to avoid being caught by animatronics (Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the bunny, Chica the chicken, and Foxy the pirate fox) that are entertainers at this pizza restaurant by day. There is also a very complicated backstory, so complicated that I won't even go into it. The game was developed and created by Scott Cawthon.

Using only the images from the game and my imagination, I have made a very close replica to the restaurant from the game, complete with working lights, extra rooms, and animatronics.

In this Instructable, I will give you a guide and showcase of my build.This is not a step-by-step build, rather, it is a showcase that includes a lot of information should you build something similar. I have also included pictures of my build to show you what I decided to include in my replica.

This whole build was completed by hand, with no editing programs and no other players other than myself.

Please note that this Intractable will be more text than pictures, so there will be a lot of reading involved.

Also, there is a texture pack that was used in this build.The link is below. I have added a few pictures of the building without the texture pack in case you're curious as to what it looks like.

Link for texture pack:

Make sure to comment!

Without further ado, continue on to the next step to begin!

Step 1: Building Layout

First, you should start by building the layout of the building, which should look similar to the map above. The map is from the actual game, and shows every room in the building.

I apologize for not having any pictures of the layout; I decided to make an Intractable after Ifinished the build.

On the above picture, I have included image notes of which room is which in the layout. Refer to this if you are curious as to where the location of each room is.

Once completing the layout, you should build the floors. In the later steps, you will see the proper colors of each floor. Just remove the grass or whatever block is currently being the floor, and then replace with the colored wool.

Finally, after building the floors, you should build the walls. I made my walls 5 blocks tall; this may vary from build to build. Please note that the second block should have that little black and white trim on it. I'll have pictures of this later. The walls were built out of stone, while the second block was built out or orange stained clay.

Personally, I would leave the roof off for now, because that's where the lighting will go. This is optional, however.

If anything isn't clear, please feel free to comment.

Step 2: Starting Construction: Dining Area, Show Stage, and Pirate's Cove

After completing the walls and layout, I built the dining area, show stage, and pirate's cove, all of which are in the large open spot on the map.

The flooring in this room should be blue and red.

For the detailing, I built tables, each 3 blocks apart, out of stairs, fences, and pressure plates. The show stage was built out of wooden planks, while pirate's cove was built out of purple and black wool.

The show stage also has the clouds, made out of quartz, and two speakers. Your detailing can be slightly different, although this is all that is seen in the game.

If you're wondering how I made the animatronics, they are armor stands with a full set of armor on them. The texture pack makes them appear differently.

I also added an extra detail, the signs seen in the last picture.They are not in the real game; I thought it would be cool to add it as a reason for the large amounts of posters in other rooms.

Read all of the image notes for clarification on details.

Step 3: The Restrooms

Next, I built the restrooms. In the game, only the hallway can be seen, so the actual restrooms are completely my imagination.

The floors are black and white.

In the hallway, there are many pizza posters and other items, such as the women and men signs. I added a few extra posters. I like it better when there's more going on in the hallway.

The restrooms are very similar. The women's restroom only has 3 stalls, but I also included one of those diaper changing stations. In the men's restroom, there are still 3 stalls, but I also added 2 urinals. The sinks are arranged a little differently than the women's restrooms.

Overall, I think this room turned out well with it just being my creation, especially since the design changed multiple times.

Step 4: The Kitchen

The next room I built was the kitchen. There are no images of the kitchen in the game, because the camera is disabled. This whole room is from my imagination.

This whole room can be whatever you want it to look like. I choose to have white and black floors, with countertops and a refrigerator inside. Next to the refrigerator are two storage units.

I also added 2 sinks, and I wrote 2 books go along with it. These are just for fun. One is about the pizza recipe, while the other is about the kitchen rules.

Considering that this was my design, it is probably my second favorite room.

Step 5: Backstage Area

Next, I built the details in the backstage area. This is definitely my favorite room in whole build.

The floors in this room are white and black.

This room has a lot of detailing. In has all the details in the game, exactly how they are seen. The 2 shelfs in the game are exact copies, from the amount of heads, type of heads, and orientation. This texture pack only has a Bonnie head, so the Freddy heads are a diamond helmet with a different texture, and the Chica heads are just golden helmets. There's no texture change for those, unfortunately.

I also added a third shelf, some extra heads, and extra animatronic parts in the corners. I thought it would be cool to add a few things to make it seem a little more realistic.

I also made sure to have the table in the middle with the head and endoskeleton. However, I think the table could be a little smaller, but I like it how it is.

Step 6: The Hallways (East and West)

After finishing the backstage area, I made the hallways. Keep in mind that there are 2 hallways, the East Hallway and the West Hallway.

The floors for the halls should be black and blue.

There's not much detailing in the hallways, but it's like that in the game. I tried to keep it as real as possible.

In the East Hallway, there are some monitors (represented by dispensers), some posters (represented by paintings), and the rules for safety poster, as it is seen in the game.

As for the West Hallway, there is a little less detailing. There are still a few monitors, as well as a few posters around them. This hallway also includes the door to the supply closet.

In the actual game, Bonnie and Foxy come down the West Hallway, while Chica and Freddy come down the East Hallway. Just in case you were wondering.

Ask if anything isn't clear!

Step 7: The Supply Closet

Next, I built the Supply Closet. This room has the least detailing of any room, therefore making it a little tricky toreplicate.

The floors in this room should be black and blue.

In this room, I used stone slabs to create multiple shelfs, as seen on the back wall. There's also a mop and broom in the closet, on separate walls.

To add a little more, I placed some paintings onto the walls to make it look more interesting.

There really isn't much more to say about this room, other than it may be my least favorite room.

Step 8: The Office

Finally, I built the last room in the game, the Office.

This room was very hard to replicate because the actual office has many small parts not found in the game.

The floors in this room should be black and white.

In my Office, there are a few monitors on the desk, as well as some posters.The table fan was replaced by a potted flower. I think it looks OK considering I couldn't find a way to make a small fan.

I also added a speaker under the desk. There are a few in the real game, so I added one. There is also a large chair for the player to sit on while in the Office.

Both the door lights and doors are fully functional. Simply pull the levers to activate them. There are a few pictures of the Office with no lights on and with a door light on.

I'm very proud of how this room turned out, especially because it is the hardest room to replicate.

Step 9: The Entrance

While I was building, I noticed that there is no entrance! So, I decided to create my own.

I choose to make the floors black and white.

This whole room is custom, so none of this actually appears in the game.

As for detailing, I decided to include a replica "Show Stage" with non-functioning animatronics. I built some speakers so that you can hear what's going on in the Dining Area. I also put in some more posters and pizza posters.

I also built a counter with a dropper that is connected to a chest. It's a basic design, since there isn't enough room to put in all the required redstone to make a more advanced version. The cost to get in is 3 gold ingots.

I really like this room, especially considering it was my own design. After completing this, I moved on to working on the lighting/ceiling.

Step 10: Lighting and Redstone Circuit

After completing the building itself, I installed the lighting and redstone circuit.

There are lots of lights, and there are lights located in the ceiling for all of the rooms. When all of the lights are turned on, it's lit up really well. However, when the lights go off, it gets really dark, and that's when the mood of the building changes from fun to absolutely terrifying.

After finishing all of the lights and the ceiling (which was made out of stone half-slabs), I installed the redstone circuit. It is a simple continuous circuit that is powered by a daylight sensor. That way, there is no manual switch and the lights turn on and off by themselves. The daylight sensor can be seen through the outer "shell" roof.

This is a really convenient feature and looks really cool when turning on and off. I'm satisfied with adding this.

Step 11: The Outer "Shell"

With the lighting and redstone circuit complete, I added an outer "shell". Without it, the outside of the building would look very confusing and boring. I'm calling it a "shell" because it goes around the whole building.

For the outer "shell" walls, I made stripes with all of the animatronic colors. I included red for Foxy even tough he was discontinued. I added it because I am assuming that this location was opened before he was discontinued.

For the roof, I used plain black wool. I had to leave a small hole in the roof so that the daylight sensor would work, which ensures that the redstone circuit works too.

The entrance goes right up to the edge of the "shell", and is not fully encased like the other parts of the building.

This was actually really boring to build, considering I didn't use any editing programs. However, it looks very nice when competed.

Step 12: Outside Decoration

When the "shell" was complete, I thought that the outside needed a little more decoration. None of this appears in the game, and is completely optional.

I decided to build a road that is about the same length of the building. Connected to the road are 2 separate parking lots. There are also sidewalks leading from the road to the entrance.

There are also 2 gravel paths and 1 brick path that lead you the the door. The main path, in the middle, has a large overhang that has signs welcoming you and saying good-bye to you. The other 2 walkways are located off of the parking lots. They have the same signs, but no overhang part.

To decorate the outside of the entrance, I added some stained glass walls with Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy's colors. I also tried to spell out "Freddy's" in red stained clay, yet I'm not very good with building letters so it may look a little weird.

All in all, I am extremely glad I added this because it gives even more detail to the overall build.

Step 13: Finished!

After completing the outside decorations, I knew that I had completed this build! I think it looks great, and is one of the most detailed ones that I have personally seen.

I know this Instructable was more a showcase and less of an actual build, but you can use this information for reference if you're building your own replica.

Remember to comment if anything isn't clear! I'll see you all next time!