Introduction: Shower Costume

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Our daughter wanted a shower costume for Halloween, and this Instructable can help you bring your loved ones dreams true too! We have crazy creative family in Canada who put this bug into our daughters ear, after her cousin was a shower the previous year. Thankfully they were kind enough to give me their blueprints as a starting point.

Step 1: Blueprint

Here's what I based this costume on. Pixlr stickers are pretty fun!

Step 2: Supplies

Being a busy parent who is pressed for time, I opted for Amazon Prime for everything except the PVC.

- (12) 1/2" PVC elbows
- (4) 1/2" PVC T's
- (1) 1/2" 10 ft. PVC piping
- PVC pipe cutter
- Shower curtain
- Shower head
- Plastic Shower Rings
- Zip Ties (clear or white)
- Hula hoop
- Soap on a rope (moderately optional)
- Rubber duck (highly optional)

Step 3: Build Your Frame

Using your PVC cutter, start cutting your pieces. The lengths will depend on the size of who you are making it for. Most of these pieces were about 2-3". I would recommend cutting them a little larger, then cutting them down to fit.

Step 4: Adjust Your Hula Hoop Size

Our hula hoop was way too big. I used the pvc cutter to shorten it. I was able to save enough of the plastic connector inside the hoop to use to put the smaller version together.

Step 5: Attaching the Shower Head

This was my most creative moment in the project :) I used a piece of the hoop to hold the shower head on in a nice clean way.

Step 6: Assembly

Use small zip ties to attach the hula to the frame. Cutoff any excess pvc.

Use the curtain rings to attach the curtain.

You may need to cut the bottom of the curtain if you are doing this for a kid.

Step 7: Padding

I used some pipe padding to help this fit my daughter. Adults may not need to do this step.

Step 8: Accessories

We added a soap on the rope, and a rubber ducky as the request of our performer.

Step 9: Win Your Kids School Halloween Contest!

Our daughter won most creative costume in her school Halloween contest! She was pretty excited about that.

Step 10: Go Trick or Treating!!!

We almost had the full bathroom for our trick or treating.