Shower Rod Tunnel Compartment - (Made for a Contest Long Lost)

Introduction: Shower Rod Tunnel Compartment - (Made for a Contest Long Lost)

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You get a long thin cylindrical hollow about a feet or two in length.

- Telescopic / Adjustable / Extendable Shower Rod (The holders might be rubber or synthetic )
- Old butter knife with a thin handkerchief wrapped over it(For preventing scratches) NOT NECESSARY
- Small Item to hide (Could be paper rolled up , diamonds , usb drives )
- Cling Film / Food wrap
- Cotton handkerchief if your item can be damaged by moisture
- Ladder if needed

Ride the ladder up and remove the shower curtain from your shower rod.

Loosen it up and start unscrewing.
Wrap your item up in a thin handkerchief and tightly wrap them in cling film so that moisture from your bath doesn't affect your item.
and see if it is small enough to fit inside

Some shower rods have rubber ends / mounting , which are easily removable by just twisting them and pulling them off.
For tighter ends, I suggest using a blunt butter knife with a cloth wrapped around so as to avoid scratches and bends on the rod.

FOR the simple twisting removable rod(It is the one where one rod is simply screwed into the other with no other mechanism)
Just put your package inside and dont worry if it gets stuck, you can always use a thin stick and push it out the other end.

For the ones which have some sort of a spring inside(Check it by unscrewing it a little and push inside, if it sort of bounces or gives a little push back then it is a little more )
Just remove the end and put your item inside. You can tie a thread to your item and leave the other end tightened in the rubber mounting.

Happy Hiding, and have a relaxed bath.
The professional looking images are not mine, I found them on Google searches. Sorry if I made a mistake towards someone.

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